Package Deal A: Flying Mask & Ghostcase-Premium V5

1.349,00 1.200,00

This package offers a perfect combination deal: the beautiful Flying Mask illusion and the self opening Ghostcase.

And all these effects can as well be used independently of each other!


This illusion has all the ingredients for a very romantic and poetic act! The new in-build technique gives the impression that the mask really comes to life and can fly of its own.
Finally, an illusion that provokes emotions!

In this package deal, the perfect deal to impress: with the Flying Mask and the self-opening Ghostcase.
The Ghostcase is very versatile to be used in all kinds of different settings, so far more than only with the Flying Mask!

  • A new price winning technique built-in by Brevis Magic
  • The mask seems to have a life of its own
  • New possibilities through a new way of moving
  • Easy to carry with the solid and beautiful box that is made to perform from too!
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to prepare, almost no preparation
  • Pack small, play big! Can be used for all kind of situations: theatre, small stage, but even on the street!
  • You will receive everything you need
  • Including clear instruction DVD
  • Including music and the rights to use this music in your shows (certificated)
  •  Professional quality. Strong and beautiful


You will receive the Special Flying Mask (model Venetian Beauty) , The secrets and all you need to perform the effect, an extra (unprepared) mask (for on (your) face/ to do exchanges/ or to be used separately for different theatrical effects), the instruction DVD, and music with the rights, the strong and beautiful leather-look padded Ghostcase that can be operated with RC for performing and transport. We offer a 2-year warranty.

Flying Mask Buyers also are invited to the secret Facebook group, The Flying Mask Society,  where new tips and tricks are shown, questions are answered and new ideas are promoted. This community allows you to grow quicker as you can build on the experience of other Flying Mask users.

Someone who has experience with a floating table will have an advance. It is not a totally self-working trick. You have to work on techniques.
The nice built-in technique from the Flying Mask will surely help you a lot in having nice results, but as for everything: investing in practicing is the key to a successful presentation.

Technical details:
Total weight of package: 4100 grams
Size: 46 x 31 x 17 cm

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 46 × 31 × 17 cm

1. Venetian Beauty, 2. Skull, 3. Red Devil, 4. Clown


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