Brevis Magic Head Twister


Brevis Magic Head twister Illusion.
Turn your own head or the head of your assistant all around!

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Turn your head 360 degrees around!
This funny illusion was invented by Joe Karson in the ’40s of last century under the name ‘The Rubberneck Illusion’.

It is fit for adult as well as for (older) children shows.

Can be done with yourself or with an assistant.


The assistant puts her head in a small box that sits on her shoulders.
Her face is clearly seen on the front.

It’s a tight fit, with no room to move around or even wiggle her head.

Then the magician grabs the massive handle on the top of the cabinet and twists the crank.
The assistant’s head appears to twist completely around several times!
After that, the magician twists her head back in the opposite direction (as to “untwist” it).
Only then the head twister can be put off and the assistant can be showed to be unharmed, with her head back to the normal position!


  • You can even perform this illusion surrounded!
  • It is super deceptive. NO fake head is used!
  • NO mirrors!
  • This is a great illusion that you can combine with the Flying Mask Deluxe that your audience won’t forget!

Note: You need your own assistant for this, and he/she will need to practice this effect.


Box: 40,5×30,5×30,5 cm
box with handle and hands:
48,5x 30,5 x37,5 cm
weight: 2,7 Kilo
materials: wood, metal, pvc, cardboard
inventor: Joe Karson
production: Brevis Magic

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 49 × 31 × 38 cm


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