Ghostcase V7-smoke


Automatic opening case!

This effect is so magical and can be used everywhere!
Version V7-smoke is the newest version of the Ghostcase.
When it opens/ closes slowly or when it stands still halfway, you almost hear no sound!
It can also give a bounce movement as if it is talking.
The activation buttons are concealed on the outside of the case, for a quick setup. And it has a built-in Smoke Poodle!
The smoke device, Smoke Poodle,  developed by Brevis Magic is integrated.

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This beautiful and strong case is the perfect magic item for all magicians and presenters. The case opens and closes itself.

You can command the case with one simple Remote Controle button, concealed in your pocket. On your command, you let the case open and close, quickly or slowly; you let the lid bounce and have smoke coming out. And you have more possibilities to let the case operate on the spot, without having to program every move in advance.

In the Ghostcase V7-smoke, the smoke device (Smoke Poodle) is integrated. The smoke is operated with the Remote Control from the ghostcase.

This newest version gives you the freedom to be able to also move the lid manually up and down when the case is activated from the fully open or closed position. The previous versions could not be opened or closed manually when activated.

The Ghostcase gives endless possibilities for entertaining:

  • The magician snaps his fingers and the case opens. The magician gets his item, snaps again and the case closes.
  • Ventriloquists can use the case to open itself as if the puppet tries to open and close it.
  • Presenters can let the case open to show the present that is won
  • The presentation of a new product
  • The key can be revealed for the opening of a building.
  • Or an original way to present the wedding rings
  • Pirate show, fairytales, story magic
  • end so on…



The Ghostcase V7 has a lot of possibilities:

  • opens/ closes quickly on the command of the Remote Control (some sound)
  • opens/ closes slowly on the command of the Remote Control (quit)
  • Special smart slow speed, that gives a more natural way of  movement (from slow accelerating while opening/ closing)
  • can open/ close till any angle, and then continue or return on your command. So for example: can be halfway open and then close (quit)
  • can open/ close after 5 seconds delay
  • It can open with a bounce effect
  • Smoke can appear from it. (automatically when it opens slowly, or manually with the Remote Control)
  • It can also be opened and closed manually when activated from the totally open or closed position.

The system is turned ON and OFF by a concealed button on the outside of the box.  Like this, it is easy to have the case set up quickly and discretely.
After finishing the show, you need to switch off the case with the same concealed button, to save your battery.

When the power is off (the case is not activated), the case can also be used manually.

The Ghoscase V7 comes with:

  • The leather-look case with padded inside with the in-built open/close module
  • Clear instructions
  • Ergonomic round button Remote Controle (+/- 12-15 meters)
  • 2 Rechargeable 6V battery packs (one for the ghostcase and one for the Smoke Poodle)
  • 2 USM Chargers for the battery packs.
  • Smoke Poodle, with extension power cable, clip, fluid (2 bottles), coil and cleaning set.
  • 1 years warranty

The case is beautiful and strong. Good quality.
the case can be placed facing the audience or with its front facing the magician.
Ideal in combination with the Flying Mask or Flying Skull.

Technical details

Size: 46x31x17 cm
The battery pack can open/ close the case more than 50 times. However, we always recommend using a fully charged battery.
Charge time: 3 hours (USB)
Extra battery packs available in the store


If you want to prevent a situation where your battery is empty, buy an extra 6V rechargeable battery to alternate in the case. It is also possible to buy an extra remote control, in case you want to be on the safe side. Extra remote controls are able to be programmed with some technical fingers. Contact Brevis Magic for details.

(The video here shows the Ghostcase V6-smoke, which is quite similar to the V7-smoke. The only difference is that the V7 has only one concealed activation button on the front and can be opened and closed manually from the totally open or closed position when activated. The V7-smoke video is not yet available)


Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 46 × 31 × 17 cm


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