External button set: big button & shoulder belt


With this set, it is easy to control the Smoke Poodle (hidden in your sleeve) by an unseen movement of your other arm!

The set contains the external controller to the Smoke Poodle to be connected to the Smoke Poodle Controller and the shoulder belt with a special bag for the big button.

Lenght:  115cm / 45 ” (adaptbale), fit for 38-43 inch chest.

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This set contains (1) the foot pedal/external controller that you can connect to the Smoke Poodle and (2) a flexible shoulder velcro shoulder belt with a special bag for the external controller.

It gives other ways to have control over your Smoke Poodle. Just connect it to the controller of your Smoke Poodle and find out!
Now a simple unseen movement of your arm can let you control the smoke that appears in your other hand!

Although this button is called a foot pedal it is actually an external controller, a perfect gimmick for a magician: put it in the bag of the shoulderbelt. Connect it with the controller that is in your pocket or in the Controler Holder (see the accessories); install the Smoke Poodle in your sleeve) and with a secret touch of your other arm, you can now control your smoke without anyone noticing you touching something with your hands!

The shoulder belt is flexible and very comfortable. It is designed in such a way that the belt will not come down during your performance, so the button stays in perfect reach of your arm.

The effect will look like this (only with the Smoke Poodle device and the shoulder belt hidden under your shirt):

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