Smoke Poodle Clip/ Steals-holder for belt


Smoke Poodle Clip, version A, open clip with velcro (fit for the automatic Ghostcase)

Smoke Poodle holder, version B, fits tightly around the Smoke Poodle, with velcro back (fit for the automatic Ghostcase)

Smoke Poodle belt clip, version C, fits tightly around the Smoke Poodle, to be clipped on a belt or breast pocket. (Also well fit as an object holder for stealing)

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Install your Smoke Poodle with the clip holder.

Version A:
Velcro clip. Click your Smoke Poodle in and out. Can be connected to any soft velcro surface.

 Velcro Smoke Poodle Clip

Version B:
Velcro holder. Insert the Smoke Poodle into the elastic part and attach the holder to a soft velcro part.

Velcro Smoke Poodle holder  

Version C:
Smoke Poodle clip to hook on a belt or line (belt not included). The angle of the hook is adaptable by turning it around.
The clip is also very useful for hiding objects for doing steals, like ropes, flowers, etc.

Smoke Poodle Belt Clip    



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Version A, Version B, Version C


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