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Extra RemoteControl for Smoke Poodle or Ghostcase.

2 models available.

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Extra wireless Remote Control Button for Ghostcase or Smoke Poodle.

This Remote Control needs to be programmed or configured internally in the controller of the Smoke Poodle or Ghostcase.

Instructions to install the extra Remote Controle button are available, but we advise – if you consider having an extra RC – to purchase it with the Smoke Poodle or Ghostcase and have it installed by Brevis Magic.

There are two types of models available: Oval RC and round RC.

The reaching distance of the oval RC is about 15 m.

The reaching distance of the round RC is more than 20-40 m depending on obstacles along the way.

The round RC is very ergonomic for magicians and ventriloquists, as you get automatically the right position. If you position it in the left front pocket of your trousers, it positions exactly at the natural position of your hand, and you can operate it easily from outside the pocket, without being spotted.

We advise carrying the Remote Control button in a little box so that it cannot be pressed haphazardly. This can prevent premature battery depletion.

Explanations of how to program your extra Remote Control

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Remote Control Model

Oval Remote Control Black, Round Remote Control Black, Round Remote Control White


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