Flying Mask


The Flying Mask

Never before an object could fly so naturally! Brevis Magic won the invention prize for the new inbuild technique that makes this possible.
Very theatrical, very versatile!

This is the most incredible technique used after Losander himself. Original and poetic. Highly Recomended

Benoit Loupe (Magicorum)

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The price-winning Flying Mask with the inbuild new technique by Brevis Magic.
Fit for stage, street, small stage, presentations, storytelling, and many more settings.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Clear instructions
  • Pack small, play big!
  • Great theatrical effect, the mask really seems to have its own life
  • Good and strong quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lots of new deceiving movements possible
  • The new technique makes it possible to let the mask fly much more naturally than was possible ever before!
  • Comes complete with all you need, including clear instructions on DVD, mask music, and the rights to use it for your performances
  • Different models available (Venetian Beauty/ Devil/ Skull/ Clown) or custom made
  • Access to a closed Facebook group with new updated ideas, inspiration, tips & tricks

Different models are available.
1. Venetian Beauty
2. Red Devil
3. Flying Skull
4. Clown
5. For custom-made models contact us.

Versions of the Flying Mask available (combination package):
1. Basic
2. Deluxe
3. Deluxe Premium
4. Deluxe Premium-Smoke

Regular: as described above
Deluxe: as described above, but also come with an extra similar normal (unprepared) mask to use for exchanges or different theatrical effects. And comes in a strong and beautiful leatherlook padded case (46x31x17 cm), fit for transport and performing.
Deluxe Premium: as the deluxe described above, so it comes with an extra similar normal (unprepared) mask to use for exchanges or different theatrical effects. This version comes together with the automatic Ghostcase Premium (46x31x17 cm), which is operated with a Remote Control. Strong, beautiful, fit for transport and performing, and very magical! It opens or closes quickly or slowly, and till every angle. It also can open/ close with a delay.
Deluxe Premium-Smoke: as the Deluxe Premium version described above, but the automatic opening case has a smoke device integrated. It gives smoke when the case opens slowly or when you give the command for a puff of (4 sec) smoke.

Flying Mask version↓
Flying Mask, secrets, Music, rights, instruction DVD, membership Flying Mask Society (on Facebook), 3 years warranty                      +
Extra normal mask, for theatrical effects and exchanges
Leather-look luxury strong case for transport and performing
Automatic self-opening Ghostcase Premium
Automatic self-opening Ghostcase Premium-smoke
(smoke device integrated: Smoke Poodle Deluxe)


Deluxe + Ghostcase Premium

Deluxe + Ghostcase Premium-Smoke


Weight N/A
Dimensions 46 × 31 × 17 cm

1. Venetian Beauty, 2. Skull, 3. Red Devil, 4. Clown

Model Version

Basic, Deluxe, Deluxe Premium (with automatic ghostcase), Deluxe Premium-Smoke (with automatic ghostcase and Smoke Poodle)


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