Steam Punk Flying Mask, Exclusive Brevis Magic Line


The Steam Punk Flying Mask

This is a new model exclusively available by Brevis Magic.
The masks are carefully hand-made with all attention to quality and detail.

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The price-winning Flying Mask with the inbuild new technique by Brevis Magic.
Fit for stage, street, small stage, presentations, storytelling, and many more settings.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Clear instructions
  • Pack small, play big!
  • Great theatrical effect, the mask really seems to have its own life
  • Good and strong quality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lots of new deceiving movements possible
  • The new technique makes it possible to let the mask fly much more naturally than was possible ever before!
  • Comes complete with all you need, including clear instructions on DVD, mask music, and the rights to use it for your performances
  • Different models available (Venetian Beauty/ Devil/ Skull/ Clown) or custom made
  • Access to a closed Facebook group with new updated ideas, inspiration, tips & tricks

The Steam Punk Model is exclusively available through Brevis Magic

Versions of the Flying Mask available (combination package):

  1. Regular
  2. Deluxe
  3. Deluxe Premium (with automatic ghostcase)
  4. Deluxe Premium-Smoke (with automatic ghostcase and Smoke Poodle)

Regular: The Flying Mask with instructions online (or DVD), with music and performance rights. (no case)
Deluxe: The Flying Mask with instructions online (or DVD), with music and performance rights. You also become an extra similar normal (unprepared) Steam Punk mask (that can be put on a face) to use for exchanges or different theatrical effects. Everyting comes in a strong and beautiful leatherlook padded case (46x31x17 cm), fit for transport and performing.
Deluxe Premium: as the deluxe described above, This version comes together with the automatic Ghostcase Premium (46x31x17 cm), which is operated with a Remote Control. Strong, beautiful, fit for transport and performing, and very magical! It opens or closes quickly or slowly, and till every angle. It also can open/ close with a delay. (see on the ghostcase page for more information)
Deluxe Premium-Smoke: as the Deluxe Premium version described above, but the automatic opening case has a smoke device integrated (Smoke Poodle). It gives smoke when the case opens slowly or when you give the command for a puff of (4 sec) smoke. This Smoke Poodle can also be used seperately

Steam Punk Flying Mask version↓
Flying Mask, secrets, Music, rights, instruction DVD/ online, membership Flying Mask Society (on Facebook), 3 years warranty                      +
Extra normal mask, for theatrical effects and exchanges
Leather-look luxury strong case for transport and performing
Automatic self-opening Ghostcase Premium
Smoke Poodle Deluxe
(a small professional smoke system that can be connected to and controlled by the Ghostcase Premium)
Basic €425

Deluxe €650

Deluxe + Ghostcase Premium €1300

Deluxe + Ghostcase Premium-Smoke €1550


Weight N/A
Dimensions 46 × 31 × 17 cm
Model Version

Deluxe, Deluxe Premium (with automatic ghostcase), Deluxe Premium-Smoke (with automatic ghostcase and Smoke Poodle), Regular


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