Rent the Ghostcase PREMIUM for a day or longer.
This service is only available in The Netherlands and Belgium

One day: € 80
Extra day: € 20
Deposit: €400

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Ideal for:

  • revealing the outcome of a contest
  • getting the key or sissors for an opening
  • magically revealing the weddingrings
  • presentation of a new product
  • presenting a new book
  • attracting attention
  • use in a magic/ children show

This beautifull suitcase opens itself on the commant of a remote control. Hide the Remote Control and the suitcase seems to magically open itself.

It can open and close quickly or slow.
It is also possible to control the angle till where it opens or closes.

Please, contact us first to make a reservation or do a booking.
You can get it from and return it to Brevis Magic in Amsterdam or arange another way to the logistics with us.

Rentdays Ghostcase

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